TruGreen "Lawn Monitor" Concept

Trugreen Lawn Monitor App Icon

A proof of concept developed for TruGreen (and lawncare) customers in mind. The idea was to design a highly functional, customizeable iPad app that allowed for users to easily manage their lawn & gardens. Since TruGreen’s brand message involves the “Year-Round Customized Plan”, we incorporated this theme throughout the app.

As the app learns more about you through geo-location, select options on grass & tree types, the dashboard’s visual representation of the user’s lawn adapts to reflect that. Weather, seasons, even time & day are visually connected. The user will even receive alerts & notifications to lawn threats in their geographic area as well as manage schedules.

No other brand in this vertical space had currently attempted to create an app with this level of functionality.


The dashboard is a hub for everything one needs to manage his/her lawn. There is a notifications and alerts module, a quick visual forecast indicator, and an animated, visual representation of the user’s lawn that adjusts according to climate, grass type, number of trees, pest alerts, and more.

Weather Forecast
Task Scheduler

The weather indicator expands into a more detailed forecast upon tap. Also, if the user has reminders or manual alerts to input, there is a slideout mechanism for that as well.

Dashboard "Night time"

In addition the the mentioned above features of the visual timeline, the dasboard will react to the time of day you’re accessing the app.

Task Entry Box Design

The module for editing or creating a new task or reminder, as well as taking actions on current ones.

Grass Type Selector

Part of the settings wizard, the user can further customize their lawn by finding and selecting the correct descriptions for it; this includes grass type, trees, and shrubs.

Grass Type Description

Once the user has selected a correct description, in this case a grass type, he/she can view more information about it.

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