Terminix Fedex Forum Ads

Animated LED Board

A campaign of various ad & media placements for the Fedex Forum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies, an NBA basketball team (during the 2012 season). The challenge was the balance strong branding with a secondary message promoting Terminix's mobile app/site. The media placement includes an animated LED sign produced by third-party vendor Daktronics.

Video Game Board Top
Video Game Board Bottom: "Get a  quote from your seat"
Example of Video Game Board Placement

Video Game Boards (Top & Bottom)

Courtside Rotational Board: "Power over pests"
Example of Courtside Rotational Board Placement

Courtside Rotational

LED General Population Board: "Kill pests right from that fancy phone of yours"
Example of LED General Population Board Placement

LED General Population

Concourse Signage: "Get a quote before the line to the bathroom is up."
Concourse Signage: "Get a quote faster than you can get BBQ nachos."
Example of Concourse Signage Placement

Concourse Signage