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NET Magazine, one of the world’s top web design publications, reached out to me to participate in their monthly “Design Challenge”. The task? Online schools. Me, being the foodie obsessed nerd, focused on an uncoventional interactive cooking experience branded “Taste”.

The concept around Taste was to take the conventional recipes site model and create a niche experience for foodies and lovers of gourmet cuisine. Taste would offer seasonal, online courses from chefs. The course also comes with a kit shipped to the student containing all the necessary ingredients to prepare the dish. This not only helps maintain the integrity and quality of the dish, but also eases the burden of the student during prep.

Taste Design Concept in printed Net Magazine
Taste Full Homepage Design
Taste Course Details Page

The design features large photography throughout, appealing to the user's senses. Even the ingredients are presented visually, using popover tooltips via jQuery to describe details, history, use, etc. Taste would be deeply integrated with the Facebook & Instagram API, taking advantage of the food-sharing culture of both networks.

The color scheme is warm and the typography choices pair the playful script and the clean geometric for a personal touch. The layout is optimized for responsive, using modular elements (utilizing percentage based widths in CSS and adaptive media queries) and scalable typography.

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