Applebee's Digital Concepts

These designs were the result of collaborative agency ideas & concepts to pitch for Applebee's. The idea was to celebrate the diverse culture and unique personality of Americans. The "Flavor of Us" microsite would allow that by sharing a Facebook photo representing your culture that would be compiled into a huge typographic mosaic that’s explorable.

The "Togetherness App" works by incentivizing gatherings & meetups with your friends at Applebee’s with badges/awards. It would connect in a partnership with Facebook & Foursquare for a cross-social digital experience.

Applebees Flavor of Us Homepage
Profile Modal Lightbox

Share a Facebook photo that shows your personal flavor and instantly receive an Applebee's coupon. Photos are automatically tagged and integrated into the Applebee’s Flavor of Us mosaic. When we hit 1,000,000 we'll make a donation to "Feeding America".

Applebees Togetherness App

The "Togetherness" app will bring people together, entertain them while they’re at Applebee’s and send them awesome incentives.

App connects to your Foursquare and Facebook accounts.

Each Facebook friend will be rated anywhere from "stranger danger", friends that don’t connect often, and "bosom buddies", friends that connect all the time.

Users can create group or single invites to get together at Applebee's.

When users check-in to Applebee’s their friends will be sent push notifications.